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Introducing Joanna Peterson

Growing up on The First Coast


Joanna Peterson was born in Jacksonville, FL in 1976.  Having been raised by a single mother, and her Grandmother in her younger years, and then her adopted father by the age of 5, she feels very blessed and attributes much of how she is to them.  Much of her youth was also spent in the Girl Scouts.  During her tenure she earned many awards, including the Silver Star which is the highest honor that can be earned.   These experiences helped formulate firm beliefs, a strong moral fiber, and a passion for her community.   Joanna attended West Riverside Elementary School, the famous John Gorrie Junior High School, and finally Lee High School.  Her high school career was cut short due to becoming pregnant with her oldest child and social pressures caused her to have to drop out.  She wasn't satisfied with that and never lost her drive.  

Having been in Jacksonville her entire life, she developed relationships with many business owners, and their businesses.  In 2007 she was working for a local entrepreneur who encouraged her to reach for her goals, and start by finishing her schooling and get her GED.  After she obtained her goals and completed school.  The same entrepreneur saw the compassion and love that she had for her community, so he encouraged her to look into a career in bail bonds.  Joanna did just that. 

Despite the many obstacles along the way that she overcame, in 2011 she started Willing To Bond Bail Bonds.  The office was started on Jacksonville's West Side on Cassat Avenue.  While the beginnings of any business are trying, she fought through the tough times, continued her education to improve herself and her business.  In 2015 Joanna graduated from Florida State College with an Associates Degree in business.  Today she is finishing the process to open a second location to better serve The First Coast.