We're willing to get you out when other won't!

The Process

Being arrested, or even having a friend or family member arrested is a stressful experience.  Having an experienced bondsman makes all the difference.  So that you can understand what comes next, we are going to break the process down a little bit for you.  



The beginning

The first step is to call or come by the offices of Willing To Bond Bailbonds.  Then the family member (preferred) or trusted friend will fill out the application for approval to be the Indemnitor.  Understand that as the Indemnitor for the defendant YOU ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT PERSON!  If you're not comfortable with this then DO NOT do it.  


Payment can be made via cash, credit and/or debit, collateral, and finally, you can also pay via Paypal.



Once payment has been secured then the process begins to get your loved on released.  This requires that one of our bondsman go to the jail and provide the paperwork and accept the responsibility for the inmate.  

Check ins and court dates

It is required that the defendant check in with our office at least one time every week.  Misdemeanor charges are required to check in on Thursday, and felony charges on Friday.  In the event that you skip your bail and miss a court date Willing to Bond is immediately notified and our agents will  attempt to establish contact with the defendant and you without haste.